14. Sosio’s dawn

Deafening drumbeats

frenzied heartbeats

a volley of arrows

rapturous roars

magic and miracle

embrace and toast an oracle.


This event is uncanny

and starts a new journey

in which his essence

and hers will try to make sense

as they stumble through spaces

and times of life in all its phases


Throbs and floats

Floats and throbs

Rocks, gently, rocks

Feel, listen, sense

Sense, listen, feel

Feel, listen, sense,


A world out there

for sure; a world out there

waiting, waiting for sure

But what is curiosity’s cure

If not a questing urgency

that creates an emergency?


Find out soon, no, right now!

Now, now, now, now, noooow!

Come, oh, come into my arms

Oh, bearer of mystical charms

come now; come receive your slap

Oh sweet cry; you many now all clap


He arrived


Two years on, the world is in turmoil

He is terrified; the cries make him recoil

“Africa, Oh Africa, Oh Africa

Africa, Oh Africa, Oh Africa

Dear Africa is suddenly gone

Why did you leave us alone?

Why Oh why? Tell us or we’ll die

Oh, mother cry for our Africa, cry.


She departed.



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