15. Creepy creeping creeper

First, it was his sight

Not so much the failing light

Just a weakening of the eyelid

One morning he was unable to blink fast

He begged his eyes not to spoil his breakfast

The last time he drank was the night before last

So now, why are his eyelids suddenly lazy?

And, why was the stomach suddenly gassy?

Seems his digestion was no longer easy

Now, it seems easier for him to feel queasy

The abrupt worries was making him a little dizzy

He must stop worrying now before he goes crazy!

Soon after, it was the spare tyre on his waist

This one appeared gradually without any haste

When his pants refused to fit, he was amazed

If only he knew that this was but a mere taste

Of what was next: joints that cry for a little rest

And a memory that is no longer at its best



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