22. Mar-i-Age: The painfool truth

…Is to know your limitation:

To strive, stretch and struggle

and still fail to move the needle;

To know the train stops at this station.


…Is when Mr Hope and Ms Dream

look into each other’s eyes

and, with sad whispers, say ‘bye bye

sweet dream; please don’t scream’.


…Is when your plot to defeat mortality,

– via transmission of perpetual consciousness;

– via the honey-tinged arrow of timelessness,

is headed for failure with deafening certainty.


…Is the frowning cloud which, having descended,

refuses to clear, but instead serves a teary storm;

an inner storm that rages on and on, teasing doom;

and making sure the unsmiling gods are fully offended.


…Is when Choice – at a fork in the road – meets Confusion.

Confusion looks at Choice with a blank cow’s eye –

and asks: how did I get here and why?

Choice sighs, shrugs and says: that is your question.


…Is when miles of mental meekness,

having run to the edge of the Bad-Options Cliff,

looks down and yonder at the unforgiving reef

and decides that it is better to accept weakness.



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