Loud Monologues and Silent Dialogoes



There are two journeys, my friend:

One journey ends and begins;

Another has no start and no end.


My friend, look not at the eye,

For along the journey it dims

And later on the way its light will dies.


My friend, walk not on your leg,

For along the way it complains,

And your orders soon refuse to take.


My friend, look instead on your thoughts,

And whip the scattered troops into lines.

Train and arm enough to overrun many forts.


And, my friend, walk the journey of thought

But as you do this, look out for a sign that reads:

Thought is hollow that is not well taught.



In this second volume of poetry, which has an additional section of experimental prose, the “promise” heralded by Heartbeats of the Mind is realized. Jason Kap-Kirwok emerges as an earnest artist to whom thinking in images and playing with words to appropriately clothe his ideas seems to come effortlessly…the mind is teased into new ways of apprehending every day reality that all too often is made unnoticeable by the use of tired, tamed words.

The poet in this volume, as with his first, creates collocations that infuse familiar words and phrases with new vitality and beauty.