10. She spoke of pangs of pain – for her baby

“I was assailed by pangs of sweet pain in my loins

Sharp spasms that mock all my yearnings and toils

God! How I needed to bear a child of my own!

A child to drink with my heart before my days are gone

A baby, oh, a sweet, helpless baby to break my dam

A baby to command my universe with one word – Mum!


That was before I was witness to Mystery at mid-day

You see, my dear sister birthed a baby the other day

I bore witness to the arrival of that piece of pure destiny

I held her in my arms, my soul soaked in a sea of ecstasy

I cried for her baby – a cry to a father said to live above:

Why can’t I have a baby without the pain of a man’s love?”

©Kap 2017

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