7. Have you wondered why …

…when you close your eyes and leap up to grab a sweet wish

and have it smother you in a dreamy blanket of heavenly kiss,

it always dissolves and drifts away on wings of wry, sly smiles?


…when joy is jovial and jolly in screaming intensity,

and righteous reason reclines in blissful serenity,

life is at its most alive and yet also its most dicey?


I have wondered and I think I know why:

Life is a soapy bubble – unbearably beautiful;

its dainty dance, though daringly displayed, is fateful!


You see, we are quantum things dancing to quantum beats

Now here, now there, and now nowhere – neither here nor there,

Anything and everything is possible, so, I ask: why care?


©Kap 2017

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