9. Sounds of Silence

‘Darling, I am sorry I did not come home last night.’

Thus spoke Quilt, adding softly: it is not what you think.

Silence looked back – blank – no hint of a coming fight.

An eternity, then a sigh: what dish and drink tonight?


Quilt is Mr. Confused; he expected a sword not a word

A blade, but not one wrapped in a scabbard of sarcasm.

He waited, heart in mouth, staring at an invisible chasm.

Not used to the sound of Silence, even as a daily anthem.


He had stayed out for the night hoping Absence

Would lure Love out of her – via the Jealousy route.

Misery now says this strategy was far from good

He wonders: why is love at first fight so easily misunderstood?

©Kap 2017

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