5. When I die…

Bury my body in earth’s embrace

Bury me not on my back

but facedown, locked in a timeless hug

with my hands stretched out

so I can embrace the earth

and have a fertile feel

of the tremble and the miles

as the earth spins away eternity’s days


I forbid you to sing songs for me

or gnash teeth above sad shiny cheeks

and no long or short faces please

Cease all these – I say again, cease

for the dazed beats and rhythms…

the limping echoes of pain and joy…

the singing silences of the dark light…

the irrelevant relevance of the terrible truth…


All these now belong to new rhythms

Animated by the singing things

and the dancing dreams

and the laughing hills

the indifferent strings

of gravity’s flings

of restless winds

of quiet noises

and endless beginnings.

©Kap 2017

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